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Praxisklinik Urania

The Swiss Surgicenter “Praxisklinik an der Urania” offers facial -, plastic- and cosmetic surgery. Directed by Dr. Georges Stergiou , who is a double board surgeon, a diverse blend of today`s most sophisticated plastic- and cosmetic surgery procedures  where offered.

During the last few years, plastic - and cosmetic surgery has increased and improved the level of provided surgical operations, and on the other hand has absorbed and developed a lot of non-surgical techniques of renewal or correction of imperfections of body and face. With advances in medicine, more and more outpatient procedures are migrating from  the hospital into ambulatory surgicenters.

Taking into consideration these new possibilities, combined with the safety that the experience, the continuous investigation and the personal follow-up can provide, we would like to inform you of all the services we offer.

For an easier briefing we will divide the information in three sections: Surgical procedures, non-surgical techniques and conservative treatments.

Free Consultation
Dr. med. G. Stergiou
Dr. med. G. Stergiou

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Praxisklinik Urania

Dr. med. Georges C. Stergiou
Facharzt FMH

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Löwenstrasse 28
8001 Zürich

Phone +41 (0)44 211 82 60
Fax +41 (0)44 212 82 03
Praxisklink an der Urania | Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Löwenstrasse 28 | 8001 Zürich | Phone +41 (0)44 211 82 60 | Fax +41 (0)44 212 82 03
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